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Hair Braiding


This course follows the criteria prescribed by the Pennsylvania State Board of Cosmetology, which includes 300 hours of study. Classroom and clinic experiences are provided in the care and beautification of Natural Hair Braiding. Area of study include safety, professional ethics, laws, regulations, sterilization, sanitation, anatomy, styling and designing natural braids, salon management, entrepreneurship and job skills. 

Graduates of the program must pass the PA State Natural Hair Braider Examination to become a licensed Natural Hair Braider. The salary range can vary from approximately $25,000.00 to more than $60,000.00 per year depending on the salon and services they offer. Salon owners can make considerably more.

Related careers may include: desairology, sales, beauty editor, platform artist, or personal natural hair braiding stylist.

To see the costs, financing options, and success stats for this program, please view the Gainful Employment Disclosure by clicking on the button below:

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