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Annual Security Report

In 1990, Congress enacted the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990 (Title II of Public Law 101-542), which amended the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA).  This act required all post secondary institutions participating in HEA’s Title IV student financial assistance programs to disclose campus crime statistics and security information.  The goal of the safety and security related HEA regulations is to provide students and their families, as higher education consumers, with accurate complete and timely information about safety on campus so that they can make informed decisions.


The Annual Security Report, Campus Security Authority Sex Offenses Report Form, and the Clery Incident Report Form are available upon request in the schools Admissions Office, here on the Barber and Beauty Academy of Pennsylvania Website, and in the policies manual that is located in our school library.

Annual Security Report 

Campus Security Authority Sex Offenses Report Form:

Clery Incident Report Form:

Federal, State, and Local Penalties for Illicit Drug and Alcohol Use:

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