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Barber and Beauty Academy of Pennsylvania's Mission Statement 

To be leaders in the educational field of Cosmetology & Barbering, delivering excellence to our students and clients, while enhancing our relationships with professional resources, our community, and sustaining theoretical and practical instruction, all while preparing our students for employment and to take the PA Cosmetology State Board Exam.


Take ownership of language and behavior. Be respectful.

Uphold appearance standards.

Ensure security and asset protection. Think safety first.

Provide and maintain clean, comfortable and visual appealing surroundings.


Fulfill and exceed student’s needs and expectations

Provide quality service and products

Consistently communicate professionally with direct eye contact and a smile.


Fulfill and exceed student’s needs and expectations

Provide on-time and defect free instruction

Always use student’s name (when possible).

Be proactive. Take care of student’s needs before they ask.


Involvement and Teamwork

Reward and recognize each other

Provide encouragement and motivation

Be positive and support one another

Build and cultivate relationships


Training and empowerment lead to greater student satisfaction

Promote an environment of teamwork and honest communication

Initiating change is a positive force

Winners are consistent, profitable, and achieve goals

Excellence is pursued one student at a time

Barber and Beauty Academy of Pennsylvania makes student educational training its solitary priority. We strive to uphold our mission statement and values so that we may provide our students with divine experiences. Our goal is to prepare our students to take the PA State Board Exam, as well as equip them to seek employment and get our students to recommend us to other potential students and refer us to clients.

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